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Pro-Noctis Per4mance Scholarship

I am honoured to be able to announce that I will be part of the 'Pro-Noctis Performance Scholarship'. The scholarship has been set up by Pro-Noctis and will welcome six local Manx athletes over a variety of sports including; Cycling, Boxing, Golf and Swimming.

Pro-Noctis, co-directed by Manx-man Phil Quirk (alongside Phil Kelly), are "world leading Performance Coaches who work with a diverse client base. Infusing cutting edge sports psychology strategies with unique, easy to adopt, highly specific coaching philosophy and work closely to enhance mental capability. Focusing on supporting and developing clients to maximise performance."

I began working with Pro-Notcis leading into last spring's Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Phil and Phil helped me in the lead up to the games to prepare for what I could expect and how to manage the situation and I have continued to work closely with them ever since. I am forever grateful for the time they have given me and the support they continued to give post Commonwealth Games and now continue to do through the Performance Scholarship.

As an older athlete in the Scholarship, I am eager to help where I can with the other athlete's and use this opportunity to learn from each other. I am really looking forward to working not only alongside Pro-Noctis but the other Manx athletes over the coming year and progress forward.

It was great to be part of the launch event on the Isle of Man last week with multiple World & Olympic Champion, Ed Clancy initiating the Scholarship.

A huge thank you to Phil Quirk and Phil Kelly at Pro-Noctis for making this happen.

Game on!

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